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Dave Jackson:
First podcast about podcasting
Downloaded over 1 million times
Nominated for podcast awards and featured in iTunes
Featured speaker at Podcast Events
Author of the Book "More Podcast Money"
Member of the Academy for Podcasters
Regular Contributor to Podertainment Magazine
Director of Podcasting for the New Media Expo
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About This Site

The School of Podcasting is the Internet's FIRST website designated to help people launch successful podcasts

If you are lost in a sea of jargon (RSS, ID3 TAGS, Sample Rates, and more) then the School of Podcasting can help you flatten the learning curve and get you on the way to pain free podcasting. You will learn:

  • How to sharpen your topic to maximize your impact
  • How to choose the right podcast equipment that won't charge you an arm in a leg (and that you don't need in the first place)
  • How to use a free software to build your own website
  • About resources for music, artwork, jingles and more
  • How to list your podcast into iTunes 
  • How to build and grow your audience
  • How to monetize your podcast 
SECTION 1: Starting Point - Planning Your Podcast

Lesson 1:

Failure to Plan Is Planning To Fail


Lesson 2:

The Idea Matix


Lesson 3:

Defining Your Difference


Lesson 4:

Developing Your Brand


Lesson 5:

Bring Your Passion

SECTION 2: Moving Forward

Lesson 6:

Picking Your Name - P1 Your Name


Lesson 7:

Picking Your Name - P2 Your Domain Name


Lesson 8:

Picking Your Name - P3 - Examples of Bad Names


Lesson 9:

When Will You Podcast


Lesson 10:

Where Will You Podcast?


Lesson 11:

Go Play in Traffic - Consume Some Podcasts


Lesson 12:

Narrow Casting

SECTION 3: Recording Primer

Lesson 13:

Recording Styles Live To Hard Drive & Post Production


Lesson 14:

Live to Hard Drive Pros and Cons


Lesson 15:

Post Production Pros and Cons


Lesson 16:

Mix and Match recording Styles


Lesson 17:

Live Streaming

School of Podcasting

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